April 25

Case Study: 56-60 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park

Project: Maintenance and installation

PHD Mechanical expert maintenance services guarantee smooth running at Lancaster Gate

PHD Mechanical provides full time maintenance services for Nos 56-60 Lancaster Gate, a luxurious residential property located in London’s West End. Savills, the property management agent, is keen to maintain efficient heating and hot water delivery for the comfort of the tenants whilst ensuring optimal environmentally-friendly operation. 

To date, the expert heating solutions provided by PHD Mechanical have included the installation at Nos 56-58 Lancaster Gate of three new replacement boilers, supported by new heating pumps and a booster set to maximise energy savings. Two new boilers have also been retrofitted into the plant room serving Nos 59-60 Lancaster Gate. 

PHD Mechanical prides itself on the speed and accuracy of its response to ongoing maintenance and installation work, with swift action supported by the labelling of all new equipment with a unique identification number.

The challenge

The space constraints of the small plant room serving Nos 59-60 Lancaster Gate presented an interesting challenge for PHD Mechanical when the existing hot water cylinder needed replacing. With no obvious means of access, the team needed to come up with a creative solution. 

The solution

A stainless glass window on the first floor landing presented the most appropriate means of entry at Block 60. The PHD Mechanical team erected scaffolding outside the residence, carefully removed the window and its surrounds, then winched the delicate glass-lined cylinder inside the building before finally reinstating the stainless glass window. 

Familiar with the potential issues arising from space constraints in central London from our many years’ of experience working in the Capital, you can rely on the PHD Mechanical team to find the most appropriate solution no matter how daunting the challenge.

Kerry-Anne O’Brien | Portfolio Manager at Savills

PHD Mechanical has provided excellent full maintenance services

PHD Mechanical has provided excellent full maintenance services at Lancaster Gate for the last five years. Their consistently thorough, responsive action has assisted us in maintaining high building performance across our properties for the comfort of our residents.


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