September 1

Case Study: Spire House, Lancaster Gate, London

Project: Maintenance and installation

Holy alliance 

Visitors walking past the elegant terraces of Lancaster Gate in London’s Bayswater district will be familiar with the Gothic tower with its iconic stone needle spire that form part of the residential development known as Spire House. Only the spire and tower remain of the former church known as Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, which was transformed in 1983 into a luxury six-storey residential development containing 20 privately-owned apartments and three penthouses. With management of the property provided by Countrywide Estate Management, the day-to-day maintenance and efficient running of the property is the responsibility of PHD Mechanical.

The challenge

Heating and hot water provision account for nearly half the total energy use of a building. The more energy that we generate for heating and hot water, the greater our energy bills and the more harmful greenhouse gases we emit. The key challenge was therefore to address affordable opportunities to improve the efficiency of the existing heating system.

The solution

PHD Mechanical has enhanced the operation of the three existing Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro high efficiency condensing boilers with the addition of smart controls and new heat exchanger plates that will maximise energy and emission savings by reducing energy waste. In so doing, the PHD Mechanical team has ensured that the building performs as efficiently as possible for the comfort and benefit of the residents.

Luke Stratton | Property Manager at Countrywide

They have an engineer there ASAP and they resolve the matter

I have been dealing with PDH Mechanical for some time now. I have always found them easy to deal with; they always provide me with the information I need and always keep in contact with me. If I report an issue on one of the sites I manage they have an engineer there ASAP and they resolve the matter. They are a really professional company and a pleasure to deal with.


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