We PROVIDE Building Services Maintenance IN & AROUND GREATER LONDON.

If you’re a building manager in search of full-service support on a high-end residential block, a portfolio of homes, an office complex, hotel, energy centre or similar; our in-house, mechanical, electrical and plumbing experts will provide you with the specialist-level insight that facilities management services cannot.


We are a team of friendly and approachable in-house specialists and we never use sub-contractors.

"PHD have consistently been a professional and knowledgeable company. The office staff are very professional and always make sure they provide a fantastic service."

About PHD Mechanical

PHD Mechanical are your local plumbing, heating and gas maintenance specialists, predominantly servicing the commercial sector in and around Greater London.

How we help

At PHD Mechanical, we consider ourselves as an extension of your team. Our experts will guide you through every option available to you and will give you the benefit of our combined 125 years’ experience to ensure you take appropriate action.

We pride ourselves on impeccable service, including sharing any technical knowledge that will help achieve the best solution for your budget. We source parts from competitive suppliers and our computerised van tracking system will reassure you that any charges are accurate and fair.

Whether its upgrading sustainability measures, maintaining essential equipment or reacting to boiler breakdown or drainage issue; our in-house, mechanical, electrical and plumbing experts have the solutions to your problems.

"PHD Mechanical Ltd are a professional and reliable company, every engineer that I have encountered has been very knowledgeable and seem to be more than happy to go the extra mile."

Frazer Gollop - Happy Client


Embracing innovation and technology allows us to offer unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and accountability. We provide unique 3D mapping technology, allowing you to virtually walk around and assess an environment using 360° imagery.


We believe in compliance and we are always happy to commit to a detailed SLA. We only work with customers we are confident in reaching quickly, so you can rest assured that in an emergency, we will respond fast and get the job done.


Our stellar reputation has been achieved by the ongoing professionalism and helpfulness of our employees, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

More about PHD services

PHD Mechanical provides services to predominantly commercial sector clients in London and surrounding counties. Our team’s individual specialisms range from mechanical and electrical solutions to renewable energy, water treatment and hygiene, equipment installation and ongoing maintenance (PPM).

PHD Mechanical has devised a company structure that keeps the customer in mind at all times. All solutions are flexible, adaptable and tailored towards the needs and project specifications of the individual customer. We adhere to all appropriate safety and compliance practices and remain up to date with current UK legislation and regulations.

Repairs & Maintenance

PHD Mechanical will alleviate pressure by undertaking your routine repairs or maintenance needs.

Drainage, Plumbing & Sanitation

PHD Mechanical will ensure pipes, drains, toilets and other sources stay unblocked and running at optimal capacity.

Gas Servicing

PHD Mechanical can maintain public, business or residential premises with gas servicing requirements.

Our Accreditations


What they say about PHD

Great confidence givers during an emergency situation, rapid response, thorough repair. Excellent communication throughout. As a Property Manager, I'm now using PHD's services at many of my sites following this recent emergency response and works. Highly recommend.

Sarah Riley - Happy Client

Our clients love our services

Here's why:

PHD Mechanical specialises in the design, installation, maintenance, retrofit, repairs and servicing of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

PHD Mechanical has a demonstrable history of working with bid market projects and negotiated projects, as well as commercial, industrial service and maintenance agreements. We regularly produce project and technical specifications on contracts with values ranging from several thousands of pounds to multi-million-pound projects.

We believe in strong compliance and workplace safety. We implement a robust safety program with the support of an independent professional safety consultant, ensuring the highest quality work can be undertaken in a professional and safe environment.

We have used PHD on a number of occasions over the past 3 years, their engineers are always on time, courteous and the most reasonably priced from all the quotes we receive.
We can’t recommend these guys enough!

Tommy Dale

Happy Client

Based on 51 reviews
Gamer Lilly
Gamer Lilly
Came home today from work and found a leak at lower level as hubbie had put a screw through a heating pipe whilst securing a floor board for new carpets to be installed. We had to isolate our water supply. PHD arrived within the hour and made the repair. Had to postpone the carpet install as I wasn't sure it would be fixed today but it was. I can wait a week for carpet. Good job PHD thank you
Altan Couvert
Altan Couvert
We just had a visit from Eddie, who came to check up on our boiler - he was quick, friendly and did everything he had to in a matter of minutes!
Endo Tatsuya
Endo Tatsuya
Eddie came to my flat this morning to check the gas boiler system. He was very polite and professional. I appreciated it!
sarah riley
sarah riley
Great confidence givers during an emergency situation, rapid response, thorough repair. Excellent communication throughout. As a Property Manager I'm now using PHD's services at many of my sites following this recent emergency response and works. Highly recommend.
Louise Gutteridge
Louise Gutteridge
Daniele came to my flat to fix a hot water issue. He was great, super helpful and explained everything. He went above and beyond to make sure I wasn’t left without water. Would highly recommend. Samantha who works within the office is also great, she always replied to emails quickly and did what she could to help me :)
Amy W
Amy W
Daniel was at our apartment block for two days recently to service the heating system. He was friendly, had a can-do approach and got my heating working again. He fixed various components (including a seized-up pump), trying different things out to find a solution. Highly recommended.
Zerchariah Alighieri
Zerchariah Alighieri
was very professional and really helped solved the problem. Very happy with their service
Anna Miskimmin
Anna Miskimmin
Awesome service!! Had a great guy turn up and do an amazing service on our gas boiler. Super lovely. Taught me how to turn on and off the gas in case of an emergency. Very helpful! Highly recommend.
Richard Entwistle
Richard Entwistle
Eddie came to service our boiler and carry out a gas safety check today. He was great, obviously well skilled and he went out of his way to help us. Nice bloke too. Couldn't be more pleased.


Here are some common search queries and our best answers...

How often should boilers be serviced?

Most energy companies, when giving the service, would say your boiler needs to be looked at at least once a year. Making sure you get regular services will cut the costs and avoid having to fork out for any repairs.

Is it worth getting my boiler serviced? 

If you are not getting the recommended amount of checks on your boiler then the  risk of it being faulty is increased. This can lead to more serious problems like carbon monoxide poisoning for you and your family, even having no heating or hot water during the winter for a week or more due to a broken/faulty boiler.

Is it worth repairing a boiler?

By having your boiler repaired, it's the most efficient way to have your heating back on and can be cost effective too. Having a newer boiler is much more reliable and you will less likely need the boiler replaced later on. 

What is the average cost to install a boiler?

The average cost depends on the boiler, for a budget model it can be between £600-£900 that being a new system boiler too. Then for a mid-range model it's £900-£1,300 price range. You are looking at about £1,300-£2,500 for a premium model boiler. Some regular boilers or heat-only boilers can vary between £500-£2,500, that's on size and quality.

What does servicing a gas boiler consist of?

Your engineer will start off by giving the boiler a visual check, this is making sure the boiler and pipework are positioned and installed correctly. They will then check if the boiler is working correctly and look to spot any problems. Then will continue to take off the boiler casing and look at the components attached.

What is involved in servicing an oil boiler?

Firstly the engineer will start off by checking the oil boilers pipework, making sure its all in the correct place, then continue to check the ventilation and clearance area. The engineer will then inspect then start to deconstruct and clean all parts ready to be put back into place. Once that is done the oil boiler will have a combustion test to check it works properly.

Who do I call for boiler problems?

If you are someone who knows nothing or very little about boilers, then calling someone who is qualified is the solution. Making sure you stay calm when the problem occurs will give the boiler engineer a better understanding of what's happened.

What is boiler installation?

Every boiler is different and the installation will vary between the different types of boilers. With connections to the pumps, cold water mains, pipes to radiators and water outlets. Sometimes this may be connected with hot and cold water storage tanks. 

How much does it cost to replace an existing boiler?

This depends on the type of boiler you want or may already have, you are looking for around £3,000-£5,000 for a back boiler to a combi conversion. If you are swapping a combi and another combi, you may be looking at a cost of £1,400- £2,000. If the circumstances were to change due to location, the price may increase up to £3,000.

What does a boiler service consist of?

Engineers will start off by removing components of the boiler to inspect them for any damages and if they are fit for purpose, they will then clean each part and attach them back to the boiler. Some of the components include the main burner, ignition pins, heat exchanger and flue ways.

Is a broken boiler an emergency?

Make sure when you find the boiler is not working that you contact the manufacturer straight away, they can send an engineer out to look at the problem for you.

How much does air conditioning cost in the UK?

Firstly the main factors that affect the cost of air conditioning is the size of your house, typically the bigger the space the more the cost. For example, a small home office space can cost from £1,250-£3,500. Then for a double bedroom installation it can range between £1,500-£4,000.